Владимир Шрага, фотограф


I provide special photography services tailored to the needs of humanitarian organizations
• Social documentary projects  
• Photo essays about organization’s activities  
• Events coverage  
My images are being used by clients primarily for fundraising, marketing and PR purposes, and annual reports.
Upon request photographs can be supplemented with written essays and video footage.

Questions and Answers

How do you define your goal as a humanitarian photographer?

  • I’m trying to make use of a fabulous ability of a photograph to create empathy which emotionally connects those in need with those whose minds are set for helping other people. I know that humanitarian photography matters and can lead to real changes in people’s lives. That is why I’ve chosen to work in this field.

How do you define your photography style?

  • I’ve got passion for classical social documentary photography and this is what I’m trying to master. A whole person’s story told in single image I regard as an ideal situation. When I give presentations on behalf of my clients, and show the pictures and telling the stories of my subjects I can clearly see that this proven approach works: after just a brief glance at an image the audience tends to get extremely emotional which leads to the success of charity campaigns and in the end of the day to serving the needy in the best way possible.

How do you deal with ethical dilemmas when shooting clients of charity organizations?

  • As a humanitarian photographer I have humanitarian attitude towards my subjects. I absolutely respect person under your care and always make sure that my work doesn’t lead to any loss of the person’s dignity. In my work I follow the standards set by National Press Photographers Association and described in their document called Code of Ethics

Which services specific to the non-profit sector you provide?

  • Before the shoot: I listen to you. I want to know as much as possible about your organization, your clients, your project, its audience and goals. I explore the website of your organization to understand your values and visual style of your self-representation. I request profiles of my subjects ahead of time and study them.
  • During the shoot: The first thing I do is making good connection with the subject. Before I even pull out my camera I always take some time to talk, to listen, to show my respect to the person and her situation. I never start taking pictures before I make sure that the subject is ready for it.
  • After the shoot: Besides working on pictures themselves I often prepare for my clients written essays about the subjects or events or activities I witnessed. I also give oral presentations on behalf of my clients.

Do you shoot video as well?

  • Although I’m focusing on still photography I totally understand that nowadays many clients need video footage to be added to the kit. I do shoot video when one is required as a supplementary material for the pictures.

Do you edit your photographs?

How much do you charge for your work?

  • It would be great if I could just list for you the prices right here on the website but the projects I get involved in tend to be so variable in terms of scale, requirements, travel distances and final products that any given price list would be misleading. Simply get in touch with me by phone, e-mail, via Facebook page or LinkedIn page and I promise to get back to you shortly with a quote tailored to the needs of your specific project.


Tel: +972 54 483-93-34
E-mail: photo@shraga.ru