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July 2019
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Young Olims’ art exhibition has opened its doors yesterday at the Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel (AACI).

The exhibition is exploring the changes in creative vision influenced by aliyah.
There are 10 artists taking part in the exhibition. They are extremely different. You’ll find there colorful cubism and stained glass, wild punk style and extraordinary complicated judaica. What you will NOT find there is definitely glamour or amateur works.

As for my photographs, they are hanging on the opposite walls, one of which is “russian”, pre-aliyah wall, while the second one is “israeli”, post-aliyah.

There was a woman at the opening event who was very happy to buy two of my works — from the both walls. Maybe someone of you would also be happy to buy another one or two? :) Come and see.

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The main problem with the exhibitions is that you always want to say and show more than you can in this particular format or gallery or with this particular curator.

I want to make a series of posts in this blog telling this “more” which I couldn’t tell. For the main part it will be comments on the pictures. Click on them, watch them through and read the captions.

The first exhibition to be commented was called “Chess game”.


It was dedicated to the city which I was living in and which I was leaving. It was opened a year ago, on November, 19 2011, less than a week before my Aliyah, and by chance exactly on the same date, November, 19 2012 will open my first exhibition in Israel.

That “Chess Game” was perfectly organized by Jewish Community Center of Saint Petersburg. The whole process from the idea of curator Natalya Kosyachenko to the opening event took only 2 weeks! That was incredible. The opening event was at the same time a farewell meeting for my friends and guests. Below are some images from that show, and in the captions I’m telling the stories behind these images.

All the prints from that exhibition are now stored in Jerusalem and can be purchased.

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I’m happy to invite everyone to the opening event of “THEN and NOW” exhibition of young olim artists.

Ten artists will present their THENs along with their NOWs showing the trends of their creative thinking before and after the Aliyah.

There will be some of my photographic works from THEN (Russia) and NOW (Israel).

All the participants work in different techniques and with different media. Gonna be something interesting!

The opening details
Date: November, 19, 18:00
Place: Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. Talpiyot, Jerusalem (Map)

Here’s the full list of events of the “Week of Aliyah”

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