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Июнь 2019
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I proudly present the product of my collaboration with wonderful Marina Tsche. from our design bureau SlovoZaSlovo

2013 Calendar. &Sea.

The name leaves no doubts, the topic is marine. For many years I was looking at northern waters. I was thrilled and delighted, excited and comforted by the Sea. What always remained constant was a feeling of infinity. All these sensations I was trying to catch with a camera. This calendar shows 12 gradations of these feelings captured in Russia, Norway and Lithuania. Only 12 out of infinity.

I’ve done this calendar for those of you who feel something special towards the endless water of the North.


The calendar comes in two versions:

  • For Israel — weeks start on Sunday, Israeli holidays are marked;
  • For Russia and Europe — weeks start on Monday.

The calendar is A4-sized, has metal spiral binding with a hook for hanging.

I make limited number of copies.

The price I’ve set just to cover the expenses is 75 NIS/15 Euro/600 Roubles.

Worldwide delivery adds not more than 3 euro.

Please let me know how many copies you want, which version you need and what’s your postal address.

Contact me on this topic via photo@shraga.ru.

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