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The most discussed event of January 2013 in Jerusalem is two days of snow. They say it’s the largest snowfall in the area since 1950s.

Last year I’ve nearly killed my Nikon D700 under the wet snow, and the coverage of that day costed me $1000 of repairs. So, this time I went out with Nikon FM2. This is a hard-ass camera, and being accompanied by manual Nikkor 50/1.4 it becomes really unbeatable.
But the small idol of Jerusalem snow wanted from me at least symbolic sacrifice. This time he has taken from me only a heel of a tripod.

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I’m happy to invite everyone to the opening event of “THEN and NOW” exhibition of young olim artists.

Ten artists will present their THENs along with their NOWs showing the trends of their creative thinking before and after the Aliyah.

There will be some of my photographic works from THEN (Russia) and NOW (Israel).

All the participants work in different techniques and with different media. Gonna be something interesting!

The opening details
Date: November, 19, 18:00
Place: Association of Americans and Canadians in Israel. Talpiyot, Jerusalem (Map)

Here’s the full list of events of the “Week of Aliyah”

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Several days ago I’ve read a post in Livejournal telling about financial problems faced by a school of rhythmic gymnastics in Jerusalem. There are not so many people in Jerusalem who care about sports and yet this gymnastics team regularly wins bunches of medals both at national and international competitions. Nevertheless… who cares? The team is being financially supported mostly by the parents of the team members. “Philip Leon” community council where the school is situated recognizes this acitivity only as just another source of income for the organization. A day before the new season had to start the director of “Philip Leon” community council told the parents that the school will be closed due to unprofitability. Eventually the parents came to agreement with the organization that one more year the gymnastic school will stay at “Philip Leon” but during this year the team must find its way to profitability. How? Nobody cares.

The girls are hard-working and talented. Obviously many of them see their future in elite sport. The possibility to practice is simply crucial for them.

I decided to contribute to the gymnastics school survival by making this photo reportage from one of the rehearsals. This was something on the edge between sport photography and child photography. Hopefully these photographs will help the girls to attract attention of the media and future sponsors.

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