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July 2019
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Some time ago when I had a business coaching session led by Judy Feierstein, I’ve complained that I’ve got too much routine tasks which don’t let me focus on bigger issues. Judy smiled and commented: “Cannot work because busy working?” This one phrase gave me a lot. In fact, even when you need to resolve big issues, you make it by resolving a number of routine ones. They’re small and seem distracting but in the end you understand that without accomplishing them you wouldn’t ever get your bigger goal.

So, now without any complains, but I was really “busy working” last month. I didn’t have time to take a breath and tell something to you in my blog. Apologize for that but what I came to this moment with, can tell a lot:

  • I’ve got lovely son Mark! He’s 3 weeks by now.
  • Thanks to the financial help from the Ministry of Absorption and advices of Dan Davner, I’ve got Sony NEX-5N camera and started some experiments with video.
  • Thanks to generous photographer from Haifa Vitaly Kardashov, I’ve got EVERYTHING for manual photo printing and manual film developing. Everything but experience.
  • With help of our design bureau SlovoZaSlovo and personally designer Marina Tschernjawskaya, I’ve done a 2013 calendar with my marine landscapes. Northern marine landscapes, I must add. I’ll write a separate post about that.
  • As a photographer I took part in a great fundraising activity by Melabev called “Walkathon”. It was a night hike under a moonlight, with delicious landscapes all around and beautiful participants. I gonna tell about it a bit more later.
  • I’ve started 150-hours “Working Hebrew” course, and hopefully by the end of it I’ll feel myself much more comfortable speaking Hebrew with my clients.
  • I’ve added several new topics, going far beyond child photography, to my commercial portfolio. Ready to accept assignments.
  • Finally, with help of Sonya Tepikin we have done a useful Services & Pricing page at this web site, and made some other web improvements.

That’s what I’ve filled November with!

Follow me up, something great gonna happen here! :) Happy Hanukkah!

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