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Июнь 2019
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Israeli’s Ministry of Absorption half a year ago has recognized me as an “excellent photographer” :). Official recognition is a funny thing but pleasant. Even more pleasant it became when I’ve discovered that this status lets me purchase some photographic gear at the ministry’s expense.

I’ve started to think what to apply for. And I’ve realized that it’s a chance for me to start making a bit more video. I love shooting video clips and get a lot of fun from it. I even participated as a cameraman in several amateur video production projects (like the one below), although I never was making it professionally.

This video I’ve filmed in 2009 with my old cheap Panasonic MiniDV camera.

Anyway, I’ve applied for a Sony NEX 5n which is a compact mirrorless camera which lets attach to it any of my Nikon lenses. This camera is really small and looks funny with “real” lenses. But I saw Shmuel Cohen working with it while shooting a wedding, and found out that this small box can really make a change.

So I’m looking forward for all sorts of practice with making motion. At least those who would in the nearest future apply for a child photography session will for sure get an additional video session absolutely free.

Apply for emotion and add a motion!

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